Elaqua Marine
100% Electric PWC

The future is here! Presenting a new breed of PWC to the market - Elaqua Marine - an all electric PWC manufacturer, handcrafted in the USA, will now be availabe in Utah! Elaqua will go head to head with its combustion engine competitors. General Marine is the only dealer in the state of Utah. Pre-orders are available now!

Elaqua Marine is estimated to produce nearly 3,000 units for 2023. With ground breaking technology, Elaqua is looking to dominate the PWC market. These PWC's are equipped with factory warranties - these include the brushless motor, batteries, and the hull.

Each unit is equivalent to 175 Horsepower. Top Speed is 55 mph. Max rpms is 5000.

Benefits of Going Full Electric:

-Less Moving Parts

-No More Combustion Fuel

-Less Maintenance

-Instant Power/Performance


-Easy to charge

-Fun For All Ages/Users

-Available Replacement Parts/Accessories

-Fully Supported Dealer Warranty

Elaqua PWC's offer 10+ different colors and additional options. Comes with a charging port.

For More Information, Please Contact Sales at 801-532-3960 or you can email us at austin.hall@generalmarineutah.com

Hull Design

Elaqua uses advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver a unique, state of the art PWC. A carbon fiber polymer hull along with stainless steel reinforcements provides strength, stability, and longevity no matter how you use your ski. Vibration reducing components and insulation foam add comfort and stability for longer rides and longer life.


Length = 134''

Width = 49''

Height = 50''

Dry Weight = 680 lbs

Capacity = 3 Persons



Our extended battery pack offers riders up to 81 miles of adventure. This is determined by the following: Water Conditions, Weight of the Rider(s), and Drive Modes.



Our PWCs are backed by a 1-year/ 50 hour limited warranty and our batteries are backed by a 3-year/ 200 hour warranty from our battery manufacturer.Our dealer network is available to assist you for the lifetime of your PWC



Each PWC comes with a charging port. Riders may also purchase an additional charging pack.

How to charge:

110 Volts = Approximately 24 Hours

220 Volts = Approximately 3-4 Hours

440 Volts = Approximately 30 Minutes

*Estimated Charging Times are Calculated From 0% Battery Capacity*



Advanced safety features include crash detection warning, rear view camera, and inclement weather warning system. Our intelligent battery management system keeps you aware of how much battery life is left in your ski and can log your journey and advise you on how to get back home safely.

Elaqua's connected PWC experience features a mobile app, an onboard Human Interface (screen) and 5G connectivity. WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS signal coupled by 5G LTE allows users to have blazing fast internet (when available) while on the water. Remote start, remote camera views, camera recording while riding, remote charging status, geofencing, and speed limiting are just some of the features our connected PWC can offer to the boater.

The Elaqua Human Machine Interface provides integrations from Spotify and Tune-In Radio which can be controlled directly from the touchscreen. Several speaker options are available for however you like to enjoy your favorite songs, radio stations, or podcasts.

The 15.5" ultra-bright touchscreen allows users to interact with our watercraft in ways never seen in the industry. From our infotainment system to in-depth GPS charting and plotting, to recording video- our HMI gives users full control for the day on the water. Touchscreen can be enabled and disabled via the handlebar controls.

Apple's "Find My" integration allows Elaqua's PWC to be found anywhere on the globe- even when cell signal is weak or if all power has been drained. Get last seen signals sent out and alarm the PWC remotely and send a message to the on-board screen. No matter what happens, always find your way back to your Elaqua.



Additional Options

Each Elaqua PWC Can Be Equipped With the Following:

-Yeti Cooler

-Tow Post (For Tubes/Skiers)

-One or Two Fishing Rod Holders

-Drone Housing With Drone